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Arlington Farm

Arlington, Oregon

Price  $ 1,800,000.00


The Arlington Farm, several miles south of Arlington in north-central Oregon, is comprised of 1,271+/- acres of diverse, income-producing, opportunity. A rare example of rural diversity, the property is made up of 732+/- acres of tilled ground that is presently enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Program, 88+/- acres that is in crop rotation, 7+/- acres of power generating wind facilities, and 444+/- acres of dryland pasture.

Identification of Subject Property:

Gilliam County

                T2N, Range 21E, TL# 1704    449.66 acres 
               T1N, Range 21E, TL#   300    735.74 acres

Location of Subject Property:

gilliam county pic


There is a well on the northeast area of the property. There is no commercial power run to the well, however it is relatively simple to connect a generator to the pump wiring to supply water for livestock. The property has some perimeter fencing.
Significant wind facilities owned by others are located on the property.

Crop Ground:

There is approximately 88 acres of dryland farm ground that is planted to winter wheat for the 2014 crop year. Seller has stated a willingness to continue farming this portion of the property under a suitable lease arrangement. Seller has indicated that typical wheat production on this land is 35 bu/ac, subject to weather factors. This is fallow type ground, so a crop is seeded every other year and the land is left dormant in between. The predominant soil type in the crop ground is Willis silt loam.

CRP Contract:

CRP is short for Conservation Reserve Program. This is a government program that sets aside highly erodible farm ground by planting a permanent cover crop, such as grass, on it. The government pays the owner of the ground a bid amount for a contract period (typically 10 years) to keep the land out of commercial production. Specifically, the current contract on this property runs from October 2010 to September 2020. The rental rate paid by the government per acre is $72.58.

Wind Power Generation Facilities:

There are 10ea. 1.5MW wind towers on the property and significant support equipment. These produce power that is transferred to the public grid. This is a portion of the Leaning Juniper Wind Project. The sellers of the property receive 50% of the wind generation contract revenue from the turbines. Currently this amounts to $25,000 per year. Specifics of the wind contract are proprietary and may not be disclosed until final purchase negotiations occur.


This property is zoned EFU, exclusive farm use.

Mineral rights:

The sellers represent that they own 50% of the mineral rights on the property. It is there intent to transfer their mineral interest, if any, with the sale of the property.

Property taxes:

The current taxes for the 2013-2014 tax year are $1,423.58 according to records received from the county.


This farm has good paved access from I-84, south through Arlington along Alkali Canyon road approximately 8 miles. Gravel roads provide access to the southern and western portions of the farm.

Gilliam County:

Gilliam County is made up of 1,223 square miles and is situated just south of the Columbia River in north central Oregon. The area consists of plateau lands suitable for farming and grazing. The population is 1,871. The County seat is Condon. The economy is based on agriculture including wheat, barley and beef cattle. Hunting, fishing and tourism are secondary industries.

Offered by:
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All of the information within this sales package has been gathered from State, County and City records and officials as well as others who are deemed reliable; however, the broker and agents can not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information herein contained. It is also subject to change, prior sale or withdrawal.