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Birch Creek Irrigted Farm

Pendleton, Oregon

Price  $ 4,500,000.00


The Birch Creek Irrigated Farm is circle irrigated with nine pivots. The farm, located approximately one mile west of Pendleton, Oregon, contains 737+/- acres. This property is broker owned.

Acreage Breakdown:

The farm consists of the following:

  • Irrigated crop under 9ea. pivots           549.20 acres m/l
  • Dryland crop in CRP                             115.00 acres m/l
  • Improvements                                       10.00 acres m/l
  • Dry pastures                                          62.80 acres m/l
The CRP is currently under three contracts that expire in 2017, 2022, and 2023. The contracts pay between $54.10 and $81.77 per acre.
All pivots are monitored by smartphone or computer using the Ag-Sense System. 


The 2015-2016 real estate taxes are estimated to be $4,100.00. Final survey will determine the amount of taxes.

Mineral Rights:

The owner does not warrant that there are any mineral rights available. However, any mineral or geothermal rights owned by the seller are included as part of the property being offered for sale.  


The zoning for land usage for this area is Exclusive Farm Use.
105.055 DESCRIPTIONS AND PURPOSE. The purpose of the EFU, Exclusive Farm Use Zone, is to preserve and maintain agricultural lands for farm use, including range and grazing uses, consistent with existing and future needs for agricultural products; forest and open spaces; to conserve and protect scenic resources; to maintain and improve the quality of air, water, and land resources of the county; and to establish criteria and standards for farm uses and related and supportive uses, which are deemed appropriate. It is also the purpose of this zone to provide the automatic farm use evaluation for farms, which qualify under the provisions of ORS Chapter 308. For further clarification, contact the Umatilla County Planning Department.


Based on the Soil Conservation Service’s Soil Survey of Umatilla County, the soils are predominantly Pilot Rock Silt Loams. The soils have an effective root depth of 20” to 60”. These moderately deep, well-drained soils on terraces, formed in Loess overlying cemented alluvium. Permeability is moderate, 0.6 to 2.0 inches per hour, and the water holding capacity is around 2.4 inches per foot.

Topography, Elevation and Rainfall:

The farm is level to rolling topography, with elevation varying from 1,150 feet to 1,300 feet. The rainfall is approximately 12” to 16” per annum.
Further detailed weather information for Pendleton, Oregon is available from the National Weather Service website back to 2011. This location is approximately two miles from the farm and nearly the same elevation.

Water Rights:

The total acres irrigated are approximately 549.2 acres, all under circle irrigation. Irrigation water rights are for three acre feet per acre for each acre irrigated. The source of the water is from two wells in Umatilla and Birch Creek Basins within Umatilla County as Section 7, Section 8, Section 17, Section 18, Section 19, and Section 20, Township 2 North, Range 32 East, W.M. Irrigation is allowable from March 1st through November 1st of each year. The two wells produce 2,800 gpm more or less. Please see certificates, well logs, and ground water transfer map in the back of this packet for layout of mainline and transfer lines to pivots.
Well #1 is drilled to 1,297 feet and the static water level was 440 feet. In 2015, this well was cleaned out, bowls were repaired and/or replaced as needed, leaking sections of casing were replaced, and the well pad was repaired.
Well #2 was drilled to 469 feet in 2007 and the static water level was 143 feet. Indicated production capability of the well from the pump test was 1,130 gallons per minute (please refer to provided test sheets). This well is controlled by a VFD.


Home – The 28’x66’, 93-model mobile home contains 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The home has as an electric furnace and a 12’x36’ deck with a great view of the Blue Mountains.
A freestanding solar panel feeds electricity back into the grid supplying the house. A contract is in place whereby Pacific Power pays for the power generated by this panel, not to exceed the cost of the power utilized by the home.
Machine Shop – The 32’x56’ machine shop has concrete floors, steel siding and roof, a large roll-up door, and an insulated pressure tank room.
Steel Building – 80’x180’ with a concrete floor, steel sides and roof, and large doors at either end. This building supports 80,000 bu storage.
Well – 600’ domestic well with 3-phase submersible pump.
Garage – Double wide garage with extended storage room, insulated with steel corrugated roofing and siding.
Roads:  There is a paved road to the property and a good interior road system to the circles.

Historical Operation:

The ranch has been operated as an alfalfa, wheat, triticale, Sudan grass, barley, canola, seed peas, and seed corn farm.


This property has good numbers of deer, both mule and whitetail, as well as pheasants and geese. It has lesser numbers of huns and chukar.

Umatilla County:

Umatilla County was created out of a portion of Wasco County on September 27, 1862. The County contains 3,231 square miles and is bordered by the Columbia River on the north, Morrow County on the west, Grant County on the south, and Union and Wallowa Counties on the east.
Originally, Marshall Station was designated as the temporary county seat, followed by Umatilla City in 1865. Today, Pendleton acts as the county seat, due to an 1868 vote leading to its election after a population shift to the area.
Though Lewis and Clark and Oregon Trail pioneers passed through Umatilla County, it didn’t truly expand until the arrival of the railroad in 1881, which opened the area for the development of dryland wheat farming. The County’s economy has a strong agricultural base, with fruit, grain, timber, cattle, and sheep being important products.

Offered by:
The Whitney Land Company

Gary Jellum, Broker
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All of the information within this sales package has been gathered from State, County and City records and officials as well as others who are deemed reliable; however, the broker and agents can not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information herein contained. It is also subject to change, prior sale or withdrawal.