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Pilot Rock Irrigated Acres

Pilot Rock, Oregon

Price  $ 385,000.00


The Pilot Rock Irrigated Acres contains approximately 76 +/- deeded acres over numerous tax lots with 63.3 acres with water rights.  Approximately 27 acres are planted to alfalfa and grass mix and 37 acres are planted to wheat hay.  The acreage is irrigated with 3 wheel lines as well as sub-irrigated. The property contains a 40’x46’ metal shop, equipment yard and 2 wells.  There is a buildable lot within the city limits. The property is located approximately 2 miles southeast of Pilot Rock with East Birch Creek running through the property.


The property is approximately 2 miles southeast of Pilot Rock with East Birch Creek running through the acreage. The majority of the acreage is East of East Birch Creek. One well and a buildable lot resides on the West side of East Birch Creek.

Distances to Other cities:

Pendleton, OR -15 +/- miles
Heppner, OR -46 +/- miles
Bend, OR – 251 +/- miles
Boise, ID – 236 +/- miles
 Portland, OR – 222 +/- miles

Acreage Breakdown:

The farm consists of the following:

  • Irrigated North Crop & improvements             58.22 acres +/-
  • Irrigated South Crop                                     13.06 acres +/-
  • Sub-irrigated West Range Ground                    3.58 acres +/-
  • Buildable Lot within City Limits                          .75 acres +/-
The irrigated North crop is partially planted to an alfalfa grass mix, which produces an average of 6 tons to the acre with approximately 3 cuttings annually, and partially planted to wheat hay. The irrigated South crop is planted to wheat hay. All acreage in wheat hay will be harvested in 2017 and seeded to alfalfa in the fall.


Based on the Soil Conservation Service’s Soil Survey of Umatilla County, the soils are predominantly Yakima Silt Loams. The Yakima Series consists of deep, well-drained soils on flood plains. These soils formed in mixed alluvium. Slopes are 0 to 3 percent. The upper part of the particle-size control section is 5 to 10 percent clay and 15 percent or more sand that is coarser than very fine sand. The lower part of the control section is sand or loamy sand and averages 50 to 75 percent rock fragments. The mollic epipedon is 20 to 40 inches thick. Depth to the 2C horizon is 20 to 40 inches. The A horizon has value of 2 or 3 when moist and 4 or 5 when dry, and it has chroma of 1 to 3 when moist or dry. The 2C horizon is very gravelly or extremely gravelly sand or loamy sand.

Topography, Elevation and Rainfall:

The farm is primarily level topography. The average rainfall is approximately 9” to 14” per annum. The elevation of the property is approximately 1650 to 1700 ft.
Further detailed weather information for Pilot Rock, Oregon is available from the National Weather Service’s website back to 2011. The location of the National Weather Service is approximately 15+/- miles from the farm and nearly the same elevation.

Water Rights:

The total acres irrigated are approximately 63.3 acres. 50.7 acres are sub-irrigated and irrigated from a well. This parcel has a priority date to pump out of the East Birch Creek that dates back to as early as 1873. (1873 for 10.26ac, 1882 for 25.62ac and 1895 for 14.82ac.) An additional adjoining parcel has water rights for 12.6 acres, irrigated from a well through wheel lines. Irrigation water rights including supplemental water rights are for three acre-feet per acre for each acre irrigated. The source of the water is from East Birch Creek and two wells in Umatilla and Birch Creek Basins within Umatilla County as Section 21, Section 16, Township 1 South, Range 32 East, W.M. Irrigation is allowable from March 1st through October 1st of each year. The two wells produce approximately 300-500 gpm more or less.
Well #1 for the 50.7 acres is drilled to 272 feet, the static water level is 30 feet and has a 40hp pump. The well has an 8” diameter steel casing down to 38 ft.
Well #2 for the 12.6 acres was drilled to 276 feet in 1968 and the static water level was 36 feet. The well has an 8” diameter steel casing to 51 ft. depth and a 15hp pump.


The property contains a small equipment yard to store machinery and a place to store the bailed hay.  


Machine Shop:

The 40’x46’ machine shop has concrete floors and 2 sets of large double sliding 15 ft. high doors that allow equipment to drive-thru and exit easily. The shop has steel siding, a steel roof and electricity.


A total of .87+/- acres are zoned R-2, which is a 1972 zoning ordinance through the City of Pilot Rock. 7.14 +/- acres are zoned F-1 EFU which is another 1972 Umatilla County ordinance and the remaining acreage is zoned EFU or Exclusive Farm Use.
Section 3.010 DESCRIPTION AND PURPOSE: The F-1 Exclusive Farm Zone is designed to maintain the agricultural economy of the county by reserving farmland for exclusive agricultural use. It is directly related to certain tax provisions in Oregon Statutes and has been taken from ORS 215.203 and 215.213.
105.055 DESCRIPTIONS AND PURPOSE. The purpose of the EFU, Exclusive Farm Use Zone, is to preserve and maintain agricultural lands for farm use, including range and grazing uses, consistent with existing and future needs for agricultural products; forest and open spaces; to conserve and protect scenic resources; to maintain and improve the quality of air, water, and land resources of the county; and to establish criteria and standards for farm uses and related and supportive uses, which are deemed appropriate. It is also the purpose of this zone to provide the automatic farm use evaluation for farms, which qualify under the provisions of ORS Chapter 308. For further clarification, contact the Umatilla County Planning Department.


The 2015-2016: $443.48 for the R-2 zoned buildable lot.
                        $787.29 for EFU/F-1 EFU zoned acres.
                      $1,230.77 +/- Combined.

Mineral Rights:

The owner does not warrant that there are any mineral rights available. However, any mineral or geothermal rights owned by the seller are included as part of the property being offered for sale.  

Historical Operation:

The farm has historically been used and operated as a hay producing operation. 

Pilot Rock:

The City of Pilot Rock was named for the prominent basalt rock formation located on the west side of the town which was visible from the old Oregon Trail and used as an aim point by wagon trains traveling Emigrant Pass and Cabbage Hill.
Pilot Rock is located in Northeastern Oregon approximately 15 miles south of Pendleton in the foothills of the Blue Mountains. It is a small community of 1542. The main industries are timber and agriculture. Pilot Rock is home to one mill: Boise Cascade /Kinzua Lumber, a lumber and pole mill. Rolling hills of grass land and grain fields depict the land which lies at the base of the Blue Mountains. Pilot Rock is located at the confluence of East and West Birch Creeks, tributaries of the Umatilla River.

Umatilla County:

Umatilla County was created on September 27, 1862, out of a portion of Wasco County. Umatilla is an Indian term meaning "rippling water" or "water rippling over sand" and has provided the name both for the county and its major river. Lewis and Clark and pioneers traveling the Oregon Trail passed through the area. The gold rush of 1862 brought miners and stock raisers to the mountains and grasslands of Umatilla County. The county expanded after the coming of the railroad in 1881 and the area was open to the development of dry land wheat farming. The fertile land of Umatilla County gives a strongly agricultural base to the county's economy. Fruit, grain, timber, cattle, and sheep are important agricultural products. Recreation, primarily in the Blue Mountains, and tourism, most notably for the annual Pendleton Round-Up rodeo, are also important to the local economy.



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