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Rock Creek Ranch

Klamath Falls, Oregon

Price  $ 17,000,000.00


The Rock Creek Ranch is a 3,386 acre ranch, strategically located, with nearly every acre available for a quality development.  The Klamath Basin is now being recognized as the next economic expansion area in the Pacific Northwest.  The Rock Creek Ranch is one of the best of the best in all aspects including location, access, views, topography, water, lakefront, existing road system and privacy.


Located 21 miles northwest of Klamath Falls, Oregon, the ranch has lake frontage extending around 4 miles with the majority of the frontage being gently sloping timberlands to the shoreline overlooking Ball Bay and Shoalwater Bay with extensive views of Klamath Lake and the bays. Ball Point extends out into Klamath Lake between the two bays.


State Highway 140 West runs through the ranch. The Klamath Falls airport, only 24 miles away, has the second-longest runway in Oregon and is currently shared with a United States Air Force squadron of aircraft.

Distances to other cities:

Klamath Falls, OR-20.1 Miles
Medford, OR- 59 miles
Bend Oregon, OR-152 miles
Yreka, CA- 101 miles


This ranch encompasses 3,386± acres.


Main Residence:

  • 6,000 sq. ft. remodeled in 2010
  • 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms
  • 2 heat pumps for air and heat
  • Granite countertops
  • Electric stainless steel appliances
  • Steam shower
  • Jetted tub
  • Slate and custom wood flooring

Rock House

 1050 sq. ft.

Modern Log Shop

Log Barn

Large, older, 1880’s built

Power Costs:

The power costs are approximately $27,000.00 annually. The Ranch includes a 75 KW hydro-electric facility.  PP&L is on net metering at 9.5 cents/KW. This basically offsets the power bill on the pump.


The ranch has 2 irrigation wells. One 60 HP well with 20" casing and a second 50 HP well with 20" casing.

Water Cost:

The power cost is for several low lift pumps, 2 wells, 1 pressure pump and the ranch houses.

Water Rights:

The ranch offers approximately 1,005 acres of primary water rights and 936 acres of supplemental water rights.


The irrigation system is a closed irrigation system. It currently is a gravity-flow system with an easily managed floodgate design for 14 pastures with water being diverted from Denny Creek and ranch wells.

Livestock /Grazing:

The Rock Creek Ranch is a very efficient and economically operating cattle ranch with a combination of rangeland pasture, irrigated meadows and timberland running 400 cows and 1,600 yearling cattle six to seven months during the year. The ranch currently leases 45,000± acres of private rangeland adjoining the ranch.

Road System:

 The ranch has a well-established road system already in place.




The ranch is currently zoned EFU (exclusive farm use) and Forestry, also with a destination resort overlay zone or P.U.D. The Rock Creek Ranch is eligible for this reclassification.

Destination Resort Overlay:

You can go to the website directly and view the zoning.


Klamath Falls is known as “Oregon’s City of Sunshine” because the area enjoys 300 days of sun per year. Klamath Falls is a high desert and features a climate with cold snowy winters along with hot summer afternoons and cool summer nights. Typical of its region, Klamath Falls has a dry season in summertime, with the greatest precipitation occurring in wintertime, much of it falling as snow. Although it is not arid or semi-arid, total precipitation is still low, at 13.41 inches (340.6 mm) per year, due to Klamath Falls being in the rain shadow of the Cascade Mountains to the west.
The all-time record high is 105 °F (40.6 °C), set on July 27, 1911, and the all-time record low is −24 °F (−31.1 °C), set on January 15, 1888. The freeze-free season averages around 120 days, with the first freeze in a typical year being on September 21, and the last freeze being on June 1. On average 21 days per year reach 90 °F (32.2 °C) or higher, and two nights per year reach temperatures of 0 °F (−17.8 °C) or lower.
While most people think of Oregon as rainy, Klamath Falls is perched at 4,100 feet on the east side of the Cascade Mountain Range with a very different weather pattern than our coastal and I-5 corridor neighbors.

Recreation & Wildlife: 

  • Winter Skiing-Mount Bachelor near Bend is a 2 hour drive
  • Mount Shasta is a 2 hour drive
  • Mount Ashland is a 1 hour drive
  • Fishing-High mountain lakes-3 miles
  • Williamson River-a 35 mile drive
  • Klamath Lake-you’re there!
  • Rogue River in Medford-75 miles
  • Lower Klamath River-50 miles
  • Hiking-The US National Forest & Wilderness areas are within a few minutes drive
  • Lake of the Woods-A crystal clear lake only a 15 minute drive for water skiing, fishing and dining
  • Golf- The Running Y Resort, Oregon’s only Arnold Palmer designed golf course, is 7 miles away
  • Crater Lake is 45 minutes away
  • Crater Lake Zip-line is 8 miles away
  • Fifty mile mountain bike trail system is being built adjacent to the ranch


The big game wildlife includes deer, elk, bear and mountain lion. Other wildlife includes bobcat, bald eagles, mountain quail, ruffled and blue grouse and doves.


 The Klamath Basin and this ranch enjoy world-class waterfowling for ducks and geese.


Denny Creek and Klamath Lake are known for German Brown Trout and Redband Rainbow Trout fishing with Ball Point being one of the better fishing areas because of it’s depth of nearly 30 ft.


Rock Creek Ranch lies within one mile of the 23,000-acre Mountain Lakes Wilderness Area and within 15 minutes of the Sky Lakes Wilderness. This wilderness area has many miles of trails and lakes to hike, horseback and fish. The Rock Creek Ranch is the third largest private owner of timbered shoreline on Upper Klamath Lake in Klamath County.


Denny Creek (formerly Rock Creek) flows through the ranch.  The upper Denny Creek has several beaver dams and an active cascading creek along the waterway for over a ½ mile.  All of Denny Creek is located on the ranch.


The property has 26 acres of restored wetlands. A significant amount of the irrigated meadows qualify for the Wetland Reserve Program. (www.fws/gov/wetlands/data/mapper.html)

Conservation Easement:

At this date, none have been committed.  However, the Rock Creek Ranch has significant conservation easement potential that can provide attractive tax benefits.  Additionally, the ranch has significant acreage that could be used for mitigation purposes.

History on the Ranch:

The old town of Tomahawk is located within the ranch with an old fireplace stack still standing.  Kit Carson and John C. Freemont were camped at the site in May of 1846 when they were attacked by Klamath Indians.  Freemont lost three men, one of which was Captain Denny.  Rock Creek was renamed by The Oregon Historical Society to Denny Creek in Honor of Captain Denny.

History of County/City:

The Klamath Falls area had been inhabited by Native Americans for at least 4,000 years before the first European settlers. The Klamath Basin became part of the Oregon Trail with the opening of the Applegate Trail. The name Klamath may be a variation of the descriptive native for “people” [in Chinookan] used by the indigenous peoples of the Northwest Plateau to refer to the region. Several locatives derived from the Modoc or Achomawi: lutuami, lit: “lake dwellers”, móatakni, “tule lake dwellers”, respectively, could have also led to spelling variations that ultimately made the word what it is today. No evidence suggests that the name is from Klamath origin. The Klamath themselves called the region Yulalona or Iwauna, which referred to the phenomenon of the Link River flowing upstream when the south wind blew hard.

The Klamath name for the Link River white water falls was Tiwishkeni, or “where the falling waters rush”. From this Link River white water phenomenon “Falls” was added to Klamath in its name. In reality it is best described as rapids rather than falls. The rapids are visible a short distance below the Link River Dam, where the water flow is generally insufficient to provide water flow over the river rocks. Logging was Klamath Falls first major industry.

The City of Klamath Falls is home to the 173rd Fighter Wing of the Air National Guard, 2004, 2008 and 2012 National Champion OIT Hustlin Owls basketball team and host of the 2015 Babe Ruth World Series at historic Kiger Stadium. Klamath Falls offers unique natural resources such as geothermal heat, which allows our municipal Ella Redkey swimming pool to be open year-round. Enjoy the outdoors with our many things to do in the area including a visit to the breathtaking Crater Lake National Park. Klamath Falls is the largest municipality in Klamath County. It is home of international building giant Jeld-Wen, the 173rd Fighter Wing, Sky Lakes Medical Center, Oregon Tech, clean water, fresh mountain air, magnificent views, quick commutes and so much more! Located just a few miles from California’s northernmost border, Klamath Falls is a major shopping, healthcare, employment, cultural and recreational destination for four counties: two in Oregon (Klamath and Lake) and two in California (Modoc and Siskiyou). We are five hours by car to Portland, San Francisco, Sacramento and Reno, making Klamath Falls an excellent distribution hub to these marketplaces and beyond.

Major Highways:

Three highways converge at Klamath Falls: U.S. Route 97 (north to Bend, south to Weed / I-5), Oregon Route 140 (east to Nevada, west to Medford), and Oregon Route 39 (south to California, en route to Reno, Nevada). All three highways are well maintained all year long, with Highway 97 being the primary corridor east of the Cascade Mountain Range connecting Northern California to Oregon and Washington.
The Klamath Falls rail yard provides switching, rail car storage, and locomotive repair. BSNF and UP rail connect Klamath Falls to all major western markets, facilitating the efficient shipping of products and materials. Klamath Falls is serviced twice daily by the Amtrak Coast Starlight route that runs between Los Angeles and Seattle.
Klamath County’s 6,000 square miles are comprised of about 75% national forest. The mixture of evergreen forests, lakes, marshes, wetlands, rivers, and high desert sage and juniper provides a beautiful backdrop for the city of Klamath Falls. The Klamath Basin is home to six national wildlife refuges supporting more than 350 species of resident and migratory birds. We also have Oregon’s largest body of water, Upper Klamath Lake, covering 96 square miles.
Downtown Klamath Falls is a diverse district that includes a vibrant business community, two performing arts theaters, Link River nature trail, Veterans Memorial Park on the shore of Lake Ewauna, several museums, and more than 10 significant buildings listed on the national historic registry.
The heart of downtown Klamath Falls is iconic Main Street lined with beautiful decorative lamp posts, and about 30 restaurants, pubs and coffee houses. From handcrafted microbrews to locally roasted coffees, downtown is a great place to find local food and fun. In 2015 Klamath Falls was chosen as a Blue Zones Project, which means we are working with Healthways and Cambia Health Foundation to improve our community’s well being by making healthy choices easier to make in our everyday lives. Inspired by research about places that have the highest concentrations of people who live to be 100+ years old, we have, as a community, decided to make systemic changes that will help us live longer, lowerour health care costs, and improve our productivity.
To achieve these goals, we have set our sights on reducing obesity, smoking, stress, and medical costs, while increasing daily physical activity, vegetable consumption and meaningful relationships. The Blue Zones Project will encourage healthy changes built into our environment and social networks, including schools, work sites, restaurants, grocery stores, neighborhoods and faith-based organizations. Klamath was chosen as a Blue Zones location because of our potential for improvement, as well as our civic leadership and communitywide readiness to participate.


Klamath Falls and the surrounding area are served by Klamath County School District and the Klamath Falls City School District. The Klamath County School District is a public school district serving Klamath County, Oregon. Communities in the district include Bly, Bonanza, Chiloquin, Gilchrist, Keno, Klamath Falls, Malin, and Merrill. As of June 2008, the school district had 6,657 students enrolled. It is the state’s largest school district geographically. The district has 13 elementary schools, special education school, two middle schools and six comprehensive high schools. Higher education includes Klamath Community College and Oregon Institute of Technology.


The owner is willing to consider a variety of sale avenues, which could include him staying in the project financially as well as personally. He was raised in Klamath County and is well-known and respected in the area, having lived there for nearly 55 years. He will also consider selling part of the ranch, but will also sell the entire 3,386 acres.



This property is available for showing to qualified buyers by appointment only. Inspection of this property must be arranged through the broker.

Offered by:
The Whitney Land Company

Jim Whitney, CCIM, Broker

Please contact The Whitney Land Company office to schedule a showing.  A listing agent must be present at all times to tour the property.

All of the information within this sales package has been gathered from State, County and City records and officials as well as others who are deemed reliable; however, the broker and agents can not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information herein contained. It is also subject to change, prior sale or withdrawal.