Wheeler County, located in central Oregon, is known for its rugged terrain, dry climate, and diverse agricultural industry. The county is home to a variety of crops, including wheat, barley, hay, and alfalfa, as well as livestock such as cattle, sheep, and goats. With a population of around 1,300 people, Wheeler County provides a supportive community for farmers and ranchers looking to invest in farmland. The county is also home to the Oregon State University Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center, which provides resources and knowledge to farmers looking to improve their production and sustainability practices. Additionally, the county’s location near the John Day River provides farmers with access to water for irrigation and transportation. At Whitney Land Company, we specialize in helping buyers find the perfect farm land for sale in Wheeler County, Oregon, and providing them with the information and resources they need to make informed decisions. Our team of professionals has extensive experience in the local agricultural industry and can provide insights into the best crops to grow, market trends, and zoning regulations. Contact us today to learn more about the farm land options available in Wheeler County, Oregon.